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Six important things every salesperson should do to stay knowledgeable

Sales is a constantly changing environment, and it can be difficult for sales professionals to keep up. To remain competitive in this industry, you have to be able to adapt. This flexibility will allow you to stay on top of current trends and anticipate new ones that emerge.

To help, six members of Business Journals Leadership Trust share tips for salespeople to keep pace with industry trends. Follow their advice to improve your industry knowledge and relevance. 1. Pursue a new skill or certification.

I believe in professional knowledge and personal improvement. If I am not working on a client project, then I am learning an additional skill or seeking a new certification. With recent improvements in technology and the shift in networking or professional training, there is always a short course to find and complete. – Michael Conroy, Faelon Partners Ltd

Keep learning about the businesses of your clients. Continue to educate yourself on your clients’ business. Follow relevant sales podcasts, books and trainings. Find a good sales mentor. – Jeannette Blake, Integrity Staffing Solutions

Use all the digital resources at your fingertips. The number of resources we have in this digital world is endless — from connecting and engaging on social, participating or starting a live forum on a video conferencing platform to subscribing to newsletters and/or publications. There is no reason to be left behind with the tools and technology that are at our fingertips. – Nick Stanitz-Harper, Edison Interactive Follow key influencers and publications in your industry. Even if your company is well-established in your industry, keeping up with trends is important to show your customers that you remain flexible. One of the best ways to keep up with industry trends is to follow key influencers and publications on social media. By following the top online trends, you will be assured that you are hearing about new trends at the same time as your competitors. – Brad Clothier, Delta Dental of Arizona

Get to know your customers and niche market better. In today’s selling environment, regardless of where one may find themselves working, you must understand your market, what affects the various swings in your market and what drives the market you are in. You simply cannot just offer your product, you must know your product, know your market and know your customer. Learn all you can about your market and find a niche. – Troy Menges, Davidson and Jones Construction Company, Inc

Build your digital selling skills. The pandemic has made salespeople 100% dependent upon online platforms to help identify and manage their sales leads. This is a huge leap for a job that has relied on handshakes and personal connections. Social networks and electronic data exchanges are now critical tools for salespeople. – Jim Fairweather, Cygilant


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