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Edison Interactive Launches Video Conferencing Solution; Platform Features Help Businesses Generate

Published in MarTechSeries (Marketing Technology Insights)

Edison Interactive (EI), a leading software provider in the Digital-Out-of-Home (DOOH) and Internet of Things (IoT) industries, announced today they have expanded their service offerings with a fully-loaded video conferencing solution. EdisonLive™ (EL) was built with unique capabilities to help businesses stay healthy and viable by connecting them to customers in more meaningful ways.

“All types of businesses are facing a towering amount of pressure to generate revenue and keep up with cash flow. Not knowing when things will get back to normal, the pressure only seems to worsen,” said Jeremy Ostermiller, co-founder and CEO Edison Interactive. “We are releasing some of that pressure for businesses during this chaotic and challenging time.”

EI also established the #EdisonCares campaign to assist people and organizations by offering the video conferencing solution for FREE for a minimum of 30 days.

Ostermiller added, “We’re tremendously grateful to our team that has worked around the clock to turn our internal video conferencing solution into an enterprise-grade product to help businesses that are struggling to stay afloat.”

Edison Interactive’s development team focused heavily on building a solution that can empower users to generate much-needed revenue in addition to amplifying privacy and security settings.

Key features of the “GoLive” Plan include:

  • Generate Revenue. Easily link to e-commerce sites or payment platforms.

  • Secure. Enhanced moderator controls for secure meetings.

  • Scheduling. Unlimited meetings up to 24 hours long and one-click access to Google Calendar and Microsoft Outlook 365.

  • Entertain. Play YouTube videos in the meeting and stream directly to YouTube Live.

  • Customizable. Add company branding and customize the in-meeting content area. Include meeting agendas, company updates, bulletins or add links to outside sites.

“It’s crucial now more than ever that businesses stay connected with their customer base and adapt to current and future market conditions,” said Nick Stanitz-Harper, co-founder and CRO at EI. “We initially built the platform for our team to connect with customers, but we’re in this together, and our commitment to helping others runs deep. Our primary mission is to help businesses, and for family and friends to stay connected during a time when life returning to normal is unknown.”


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