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A New Interactive Video Conferencing Platform Centered on Sports Betting, BettorView Live

Notable bets: A $3 million parlay, and a huge bet that nearly backfired

Article by David Purdum, ESPN Staff Writer

On Tuesday, according to DraftKings, an unidentified bettor risked $3 million on a three-leg parlay featuring the following: Georgia to win the SEC East division; Alabama to win the SEC West division; the Packers to win the NFC North division. If successful, this bet would pay out $8.6 million, a $5.6 million net profit for the customer.

It’s the largest parlay bet that Johnny Avello, DraftKings’ sportsbook director and a 30-plus-year Nevada bookmaker, has ever taken. And it’s certainly among the biggest ever placed with a U.S. sportsbook — yet it might not even have been the most interesting bet of the week.

On Thursday, a bettor at the William Hill sportsbook at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas placed a $240,000 money-line bet on heavily favored BYU to beat Texas-San Antonio straight up. The Cougars were favored by 34.5 points. To bet BYU to win outright on Saturday, the bettor had to put up $240,000 for a chance to make a $3,428.55 profit.

UTSA took an early lead and was within one possession late in the fourth quarter but ultimately lost 27-20.

The bettor won $3,400, a 1.4% return on their investment in three days. To quote from the classic poker film “Rounders,” “Pay that man his money.”

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A new interactive video conferencing platform centered on sports betting, BettorView Live, is prepping to launch in the U.S., showcasing betting odds, point spreads and win probabilities, and even helping place your delivery order. Think Zoom for friends wanting to watch and wager on a game together.

The BettorView Live platform, virtually toured by ESPN last week, is the result of a partnership between two tech companies, Edison Interactive (EI) and BettorView, formerly known as KonekTV. BettorView content can currently be found in 1,000 venues nationwide, and there are partnerships with restaurants and sportsbooks like Hooters and William Hill, respectively.

Ultimately, BettorView Live aims to include direct integration into sportsbook partners’ betting apps, and allow for live streaming of professional sports.


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