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12 Sales Professionals Detail Ineffective Sales Tactics (and share what to do instead)

The needs and desires of buyers are always changing. From cold calls to discounts, successfully selling your products or services to prospects used to mean being prepared to do almost anything to generate leads and close a sale. While those tactics may have been effective in the past, these methods won’t work as well in a world where information and other options are readily available.

Implementing alternative selling strategies can open businesses up to new opportunities, but leaders need to be willing to try something different. That’s why we asked sales leaders from Business Journal Leadership Trust what tactics are overused in the sales industry and how to yield better results.

Edison’s CRO, Nick-Stanitz-Harper shares his expert advice that making assumptions about what customers need is a common sales tactic and it’s overused, but offers solid advice on what to do instead. Read the full article .


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